Oui-Vibe for iOS

Download Oui-Vibe for iOS free today!

Take control of your  We-Vibe® Sync™ or 4 Plus.

Tilt your iPhone like a gas pedal to control the speed of your We-Vibe.

Twist your iPhone to control the balance between the internal and external vibration. No fiddling with touch screens. Just a subtle tilt and twist is all it takes to ride the wave. Play like a virtuoso!

Easy to use! Connects automatically. No need to “pair” or reconnect.

Displays your We-Vibe’s battery level and signal strength.

Provides a “Fix” button to solve frustrating problems, such as forgetting to turn on the We-Vibe or Bluetooth.

Have even more fun with the “Spank Me Now” in-app purchase. Your We-Vibe will run on a countdown “reward” timer activated by your iOS device or with a hand wearing the Apple Watch running the included “Spank Me Now” app.

If you need a We-Vibe device, you can purchase one here:

We-Vibe® and Sync are trademarks of Standard Innovation Corporation, which is not affiliated with Callipygian Software.